Customized injection mold processing, is such management quality guaranteed?

01、Before injection mold processing

After receiving the customer's drawing, we carefully studied the product structure. After the study, we found that the customer's product 3D drawing looks very beautiful, and there are still four structural problems in the following aspects.

A. The structure of the injection mold cannot be ejected without considering the structure of the injection mold

B. Models of plastic materials processed by injection molding cannot meet quality requirements

C. There is interference in the product structure assembly

D. The structural strength of the seal is not enough

The blacksmith Lao Zheng, the project engineer of our injection mold factory, summoned product R&D engineers, injection molding process engineers, reliability test engineers, injection mold design engineers, injection mold processing masters and other engineering technical forces, according to our 10-year export to Japan quality technology Experience, consider the product from the inside to the outside, from the structure to the difficulty of assembly, from the calculation of material strength to cost, from the product quality requirements to the balance point of product cost, inside and outside apart from the appearance, we The product structure has been optimized, and the injection molding materials that meet the product quality requirements have been re-selected. Through the mold flow analysis software, the fluidity of injection molding has been simulated and analyzed. The following 4 materials are generally good. Communication with customers. All customers Adopted and successfully entered the injection mold processing.

A. Injection mold processing plan b. Product improvement plan c. Injection mold processing quotation d. Injection molding processing mass production quotation

02、Injection mold processing

Before the injection mold processing, it took 15 days to optimize the product structure and select the injection molding materials. After the injection mold processing was completed in 4 weeks, we exported Japanese beauty equipment, maternal and child products, and household electrical appliances. The quality management system has been evaluated for mold trial production.

A.T0 Confirm the mold structure and try out the mold

B.T1 confirm product structure trial

C.T2 Confirm product size and try out

D.T3 confirm product appearance and try out

After completing these tasks, the evaluation report of each trial mold and the mold modification plan are notified to the customer in time, and the production and acceptance of the mold are completed in about 50 days according to the quality requirements for export to Japan, and the small batch quantity of PP is ready to enter the injection molding process. Produce.

03Product design change, mold modification

I don’t know if it’s because the customer did not clarify the function of the product before the product was approved, or because the market demand, the product has undergone substantial changes, the customer is God, everything is based on product quality, and everything is market demand-oriented. Our injection mold factory It took another 25 days to modify the mold structure. The inserts that should be made were used as inserts, and laser welding was performed at the positions that could not be eliminated. The method of modification of the injection mold and the pros and cons of subsequent maintenance were also fully reported to the customer. , Re-completed the mold repair in accordance with the requirements for exporting to Japan. T1 confirmed the product structure and size test mold, and T2 confirmed the product appearance test mold. The injection mold has already been mass-produced for injection molding.

04、Small batch PP mass production

40 kinds of appearance colors, after completing small batch PP mass production, the customer found that the product structure was better before the product structure change, and requested that the mold be modified to the structure before the product structure change, which means that these molds need to be modified again.


Customer first, customer needs our injection mold factory can only meet all the needs of customers. After the mold is restored, when the injection mold is mass-produced in the future, there may be problems. The customer needs injection molding in the early stage of mold opening. The requirement of 600,000 sets in 2 months, how to make up for the problems left by repeated modification of injection molds.

06、Integrity management and development cooperation

From about 3 months, we found that we communicated with customers about technical problems, and found that customers regard non-standard customization of injection molds as a kind of sales. When the injection mold is designed, it is basically based on our injection mold factory. Based on our experience, we design and process the injection mold according to the model of our injection molding machine and the performance of the injection molding machine. The injection mold is repeatedly modified, and the scars left on the injection mold are clearly understood by our injection mold factory.

07、Adapt to the market

Based on the performance of this customer, our injection mold factory believes that the customer came to Dongguan to find our injection mold factory to customize injection molds because there are more export-oriented injection mold factories in Dongguan, and the quality of injection molds is excellent; in order not to affect us The reputation of the injection mold factory, in the future, for new customers, before the injection mold is processed, the advantages and disadvantages of the separate production management of the injection mold and the injection processing will be specially informed. The molds that are not mass-produced by injection molding have quality problems in other injection molding processes, which will affect the company’s image and reputation. If the customer does not receive injection molds alone, if the customer transfers the mold halfway, the cost and cost of the mold transfer will be indicated in the injection mold order contract. Additional conditions related to quality.

08、Injection mold maintenance management

Testing the quality of an injection mold is not the injection mold, but the quality management of the injection molding process. When designing the injection mold, the injection mold factory will consider the injection molding process and the quality requirements of the finished product assembly to carry out the mold design. Mold design, injection mold processing, injection mold trial evaluation, injection molding mass production, to finished product assembly is a very systematic industrial project. To complete these complex tasks, a systematic and in-depth management plan is required. Avoid blind management and injection molding. Although mold processing and injection molding are called "sales" in sales, the complexity of industrial engineering can easily fall into "pits". Honest management should avoid detours and pits. It is also professional if you step on it. The road is smoother.